Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle enthusiasts are numerous in this country and motorcycle sales are at an all time high. Many who ride do it safely and with a respect for other drivers. But no matter how careful a motorcyclist may be, he or she is still in a more vulnerable position than other kinds of drivers. Motorcycle accidents occur everyday. Even with proper licensing, motorcycle training, and helmet use, a motorcycle rider hit by a car or truck faces difficult odds. Unfortunately, with the rise in motorcycle sales comes an increase in motorcycle-related injuries and deaths.Motorcycles and bike riders have always been more prone to accidents involving other vehicles due to the smaller size of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents Happen We Can Help

Motorcycles have the disadvantage of not being “crashworthy”, meaning they do not stand up well upon impact. Riders are unprotected and are often thrown off their bikes in an accident.

While the inherent nature of motorcycle riding poses many dangers, the fact that cars and truck drivers fail to acknowledge the rights of motorcycle riders adds to these risks. Because of their smaller size, they are often harder to spot and easier to ignore. Motorcyclists are also more susceptible to an accident in adverse weather conditions. If your loved one was injured or killed while on a motorcycle, we’ll find out if negligence was involved. Our attorneys are advocates for the rights of the injured motorcyclist and will investigate the accident to discover if alcohol or speeding was a contributing factor. After a motorcycle accident the odds may seem against you, but with our legal services we can get you the help you need.

Compensation you are entitled to:

motorcycle accident victim compensation that is applicable to you.

  1. Rental Reimbursement.
  2. Payment of your medical bills, and any future medical bills
  3. Medical treatment, whether you have insurance or not.
  4. Repair or replacement of your motorcycle.
  5. Recovery of your loss of earnings and any future losses.
  6. Reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses incurred.
  7. Maximum recovery for pain and suffering of your physical and emotional injuries.

We will make sure, if you are invovled in an accident inovlving motorcycles. We will help to make sure you receive:

  1. The best medical treatment available so you make the best medical recovery possible.
  2. The maximum monetary compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional losses.