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January 2019

Best accident lawyer Newport Beach CA
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
January 29, 2019

How Can I Protect My Legal Rights After a Kirkland, WA Motorcycle Accident?

It is no secret that motorcycle riders are far more exposed on the road than the typical motor vehicle driver, even when they are wearing a helmet and fully complying with Washington state law. This reality means that even the most "ordinary" of accidents can lead to significant injuries and damages that warrant significant compensation for Kirkland, WA motorcycle accident…
Auto injury attorney Newport Beach CA
Car Accident
January 29, 2019

How Is Fault Determined After a California Car Accident?

In the vast majority of car accidents on the road, a legally responsible party will ultimately be found to have a causal role in the accident. There are a number of studies and reports we have cited to in past blog posts that highlight more than 90% of vehicle crashes involve some kind of human error. These errors — which are better…
Motorcycle accident attorney Newport Beach, CA
Auto Accident LawyerMotorcycle Accident Lawyer
January 28, 2019

Why Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Electric scooters have rapidly become a favored mode of transportation for many of Americans, which helps explain how Bird and Lime are leading electric scooter startups that are now worth billions. And, for its part, Uber and Google's Alphabet have significantly invested in Lime, a scooter-sharing startup, to the tune of a staggering $335 million. The rapid growth of this industry, however,…