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June 2015

Auto Accident Lawyer
June 8, 2015

Am I Liable For My Auto Accident?

Liability Insurance Overview Liability coverage is a type of insurance that is used to protect people from the potential expenses that they may be held responsible for in the event of an accident. Liability insurance does not cover other types of damages that occurred to yourself or your car. Liability coverage extends beyond medical injury to another person. It covers…
Personal Injury
June 8, 2015

Dog Bite Victim Awarded Millions Of Dollars For Injuries

Can you imagine living somewhere in the suburbs or a major city when out of nowhere a dangerous loose animal such as a dog comes charging up to you or your child biting you severely enough to cause serious damage? It’s a pretty scary thought to think that “man’s best friend” can intensely injure or cause permanent, even sometimes fatal…
June 8, 2015

Biker Hit While In The Bike Lane? What’s Next…

Most motorists understand that they must observe the rules of the road or face penalties in the case of an accident with another driver. Yet, they may be unaware of the rules that apply to bicycles. This lack of knowledge can lead to legal problems when a driver hits a bike, especially one traveling inside the bicycle lane. California has…