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December 2012

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December 21, 2012

10 Hospitals in California Fined for Errors that Caused Personal Injuries

This week, 10 California hospitals face fines after the California Department of Public Health determined that victims have suffered personal injuries as a direct result of medical negligence. According to reports, errors such as removing the wrong kidney on one victim, failing to assist another bleeding patient, and leaving behind surgical tools have amounted in fines of over $780,000 for…
Personal Injury Lawyer | The Ledger Law Firm
December 20, 2012


Wrong-way driving incidents rarely end well. When a motorcycle, auto or truck operator drives wrong-way on a road, street or highway, they run many risks: an accident with another vehicle, striking a pedestrian and/or causing serious property damage. For anyone that has been injured in a wrong-way driving or lost a loved one to the same, they know personal injury…
Personal Injury Lawyer | The Ledger Law Firm
December 17, 2012

Head-on Car Accident Results in Injuries in California

A head-on collision that occurred in California earlier this morning has resulted in serious injuries for one of the drivers. According to reports, a female driver who has not been identified, was driving near the Barona Ranch Indian Reservation, located about 30 miles north of San Diego, when she lost control of her vehicle close to Wildcat Canyon Road. As…
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December 14, 2012

California Radio Host Still Suffering From Severe Injuries

A well-known California Christian radio talk show host is in critical condition after his motorcycle crashed into a car last month. Earlier this week, he was transferred to a hospital close to his home. Family and friends are hoping for a successful recovery. According to reports, 55-year-old Frank Pastore, of KKLA radio, was was swiped by a vehicle in the…
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December 12, 2012

Scooters: They're Easy To Park, Fun To Drive, Don't Guzzle Gas – And They Get In More Than Their Fair Share of Accidents

Southern California scooter sales, like the rest of the country, have soared since 2008. The reasons are many – convenience, parking and most of all, cost. The cost of fuel for a scooter is only a fraction of what it costs to run a conventional car or truck, especially during these strange economic times. While scooter sales have been spiking,…
Personal Injury Lawyer | The Ledger Law Firm
December 7, 2012

New York Man Charged After Fleeing From a Personal Injury Accident

A Canton, New York man is facing several charges after fleeing the scene of a personal injury accident after he hit a female student with his car as she was crossing the street. According to reports, police were dispatched to a hit and run accident earlier Sunday afternoon. They pulled over 25-year-old Dustin Rookey afterwards, suspecting he was driving under…