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June 2012

June 28, 2012

Construct Your Safety

More than 100,000 injuries from construction accidents in the United States are recorded every year. The injuries from construction accidents usually affect victims' spines, backs, and trunks, which sometimes cause disability. More than 1,000 workers die from construction accidents; thus made the said industry one of the most dangerous among others. It was also reported that one in ten construction…
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Auto Accident Lawyer
June 20, 2012

Motor Vehicle Accident Rates: Warning to your Safety (Infographic)

  US Motor Vehicle Accident Rates ( 2005 - 2009 ) The picture shows motor vehicle accident rates correlating to accident death rates. It also shows the teens involvement in accidents, causes and nature of it. It also presented some safety precautions deemed to be very basic yet proven to save lives or at least saved a person from severe…
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