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July 2011

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July 31, 2011

CHP & California Hospitals Warn of the Dangers of Leaving Children in the Car

Each year, children across the U.S. are killed after being left in hot cars without air conditioning for extended periods of time. Perhaps parents think they can quickly run their errands and leave the child unattended. Whatever the reasoning, area hosiptals and CHP have joined the fight against this inexplicable phenomenon by reminding parents that it is never safe to…
July 31, 2011

CHP to Test New Ticketing System

California Highway Patrol is well-known throughout the state for responding to crashes and aiding victims of vehicular accidents. However, many Californians are familiar with CHP for an entirely different reason- they recently received a traffic ticket for violating one of many state driving laws. CHP not only works to assist citizens after tragedy strikes, but it strives to take preventative…
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July 30, 2011

Fullerton Police Offer to Settle with Family of Beaten Homeless Man

The City of Fullerton offered to settle with the family of a homeless schizophrenic man who died after a run-in with law enforcement. The settlement offer, topping $900,000, would be in exchange for the relinquishment of any civil claims against the city for misconduct or assault by the Fullerton officers responsible for the man's death. The victim's father recounts the…
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July 30, 2011

Pedestrian Killed in Ventura

California cities and municipalities enact laws to protect pedestrians from injuries caused by motorists. Pedestrians are required to cross the street only in designated areas and must wait for permission to cross the street when the roadways are clear. Jaywalking is a crime in most jurisdictions and punishes pedestrians for crossing busy streets in the middle of the block where…
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July 19, 2011

Latest Action on California Roadways

Leading the news today is a story about a homeless man who was tragically struck and killed during a high-speed pursuit between California Highway Patrol and another driver. The man was hit on a Fresno off-ramp while asking for change from motorists. Many people recognized the man and described him as kind-hearted and caring. Those who knew the victim are…
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July 18, 2011

Lawsuit Details Horror of Traumatic Elevator Ride

It is nearly impossible to imagine life without the convenience of elevators. They are present every public building higher than one story tall. Many elevators are capable of climbing dozens of floors to the top of the highest sky scrapers. Some elevators are equipped to handle large groups of people or very heavy equipment. As with all manufactured products, elevator…

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