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June 2011

Product Liability Lawyer
June 29, 2011

Massive Tylenol Recall

Manufactures have a duty to protect vulnerable consumers from death or bodily injury from defects in their products. This notion is contained in a body of law known as "products liability." Products liability law results in a type of civil injury that differs from a typical private lawsuit in that the manufacturer or corporation is not offered a defense against…
Trucking Accident Lawyer
June 28, 2011

Trial Begins in Tragic Truck Crash Murder Case

In 2009, a tragic big rig crash left one child and her father dead, others seriously injured and a bookstore completely demolished when the trailer lost its brake power and careened into the store front. The crash took hundreds of man hours to reconstruct and investigate and concluded with murder charges against the Brazilian-born driver who came to this country…
Auto Accident LawyerGeneral Legal Advice
June 23, 2011

Latest Roadway News

Southern California is known around the nation as having some of the worst traffic of any metropolitan area. Only Washington D.C. compares to the congestion, fender benders and accident frequency for which the L.A. area is known. In the latest traffic news, while I-5 is getting a face lift hoping to alleviate inevitable traffic problems, other areas are experiencing increased…
Attorney-LawyerGeneral Legal AdvicePersonal InjuryProduct Liability Lawyer
June 22, 2011

Decorative Fire Pots Leading to Hazardous Dangers

The national Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today that 500,000 containers of pourable gel fuel have been recalled due to nationwide reports of fire hazards- some of which were nearly fatal. The gel fuel has been utilized in conjunction with popular outdoor fire pots available at most outdoor furniture retailers. Consumers have reported severe burn accidents as a result of…
Blog | Wrongful Death LawyerBus Accident AttorneyCase Of The WeekPersonal Injury
June 17, 2011

Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Americans’ Civil Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court is finishing its term at the end of this month. Like most years, the Court still has a number of pivotal cases left to consider. A handful of the cases still on the docket involve complex personal injury rights which apply to civil litigants across the nation. One important case set to be decided in the…
June 15, 2011

Ledger Law Attorney Emery Ledger Defends Gaming Employee

The U.S. Department of Justice recently implemented a sting operation to target illegal gambling via internet gaming services. Entangled in the operation is a Costa Rican resident who was indicted on charges of "knowingly and unlawfully conducting" illegal gambling activities through his employment with ThrillX Systems, along with his colleague. Multiple news outlets have touted the defendant as a co-owner…
Attorney-LawyerBlog | Wrongful Death LawyerToyota Recall Attorney
June 14, 2011

UPDATE: Trial Dates Set for Toyota Acceleration Cases

We reported earlier this week about the recent hearings pertaining to the pending lawsuits against the auto manufacturer Toyota. Toyota models have reportedly spontaneously accelerated while drivers were traveling on the roadways. This serious defect resulted in injuries and fatalities across the nation, leading to the consolidation of wrongful death and personal injury claims for all plaintiffs injured by Toyota…

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