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Memorial Day 2011: DUI’s, Accidents and Fatalities All Decline

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As we cautioned readers last week, Memorial Day weekend is often consumed with parties, vacations and general merriment. However, all too often Californians choose to imbibe and drive- leading to fatalities, accidents and DUI arrests in numbers unparalleled by nearly any other holiday during the year. California Highway Patrol (CHP) was pleased to report that this year’s Memorial Day weekend…

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Diving Safety is Important to Avoid Injury

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In an unbelievable tragedy, a diver in Laguna Beach was found unconscious and wrapped in sea kelp after diving alone to spear fish Thursday evening. The diver was immediately transported to Mission Hospital where he was soon declared dead. Experienced divers have commented on the tragedy, citing that it is very difficult for any set of diving circumstances to result…

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Law Enforcement to Crack Down on DUI This Memorial Day Weekend

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The past few weeks have been fraught with tragedy, heartache and frustration as California motorists have been involved in quite a number of vehicular accidents, run-ins with pedestrians and traffic nightmares. With Memorial Day weekend upon us, many Southern California residents will be heading to various destination spots for some much needed R&R. Here at Ledger Law & Associates, we…

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California Highway Patrol Pays Out $4.5 Million to Paralyzed Child

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A recent 7-figure payout by California Highway Patrol (CHP) pays homage to the old adage: every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, a very dark cloud luckily found its silver lining in the form of a $4.5 million settlement paid to a young child paralyzed after being allegedly mishandled by CHP after a tragic, high-speed accident killing the…

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California Federal Judge to Oversee 74 Blast Cases

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California law has outlined some conduct as so inherently dangerous and ultra-hazardous that it must fall under a strict liability theory of torts. Strict liability takes out any opportunity for the defendant to attest to his reasonableness under the circumstances. Strict liability defendants are also not permitted to set forth evidence of extreme caution or due care in the ultra-hazardous…

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Cyber-Bullying Hits Orange County

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Bullying is a generations-old problem suffered by many children on playgrounds across the nation. Historically, bullies picked on those smaller in stature or more vulnerable to physical overpowering. However, in today’s society, bullying is taking place less in the schoolyard and more online and through social networking. Known as cyber-bullying, extreme and harassing conduct against others over the internet carries…

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This Week Kick’s Off CHP’s ‘Click It or Ticket’ Campaign

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It is common knowledge that seatbelts save lives, but California’s Highway Patrol plans to crack down on those drivers choosing to ignore the risk of injury associated with ignoring seatbelt laws. California Highway Patrol (CHP) has partnered with 140 state law enforcement organizations to increase penalties against drivers caught operating a vehicle without a seatbelt. The ‘Click It or Ticket’…

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Hit-and-Run Victim Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

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The year was 2006 and Rob Summers was at the apex of his college baseball career. His team took the NCAA Division I baseball title that year and Summers decided to spend the off-season perfecting his pitches and increasing strike-out potential. Summers was on top of his game and enjoying much success as a college athlete destined for greatness. Just…

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Commerce, California Bus Accident Leads to Critical Injury

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In a tragic chain of events during Thursday’s I-5 traffic congestion, four buses collided with one another, injuring eight passengers including one soldier who is reportedly in critical condition. The chain reaction was said to have been caused by a car coming to a quick stop in front of a Los Angeles County jail bus carrying 25 inmates. The jail…

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