March 2011 - Nationally Recognized Personal Injury Attorneys

California’s ‘Jarrad’s Law’ Restricts Motorcycle Operation by Young Cyclists

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Motorcycle injury leaves lasting, devastating effects on families and victims. While many enjoy the thrill of the open road, they also must contemplate the risks associated with motorcycle operation. While many states are back and forth on helmet laws and restrictions, most agree that motorcycles and teenagers are an ominous pair requiring constant legislative attention and regulation. Sacramento-area teenager Jarrad…

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Orange County Accident Attorney

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People are often surprised to learn how many different types of cases are actually handled by an Orange county injury attorney, says injury attorney Emery Ledger of Ledger & Associates. Many people associated the term “injury attorney” with care accident cases. Car accident cases are certainly included within the purview of injury cases; however there are a number of other…

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Personal Injury Attorney

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If you have recently been involved in an Orange County, California personal injury accident and are considering the wise choice to retain the services of a personal injury attorney to help you with your case, there are a few things you can do in order to get the most out of your attorney. While an experienced attorney certainly knows how…

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Text Messaging While Driving Leads To Driven Distraction

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Today’s headlines are replete with stories relating to the danger and risk associated with text messaging while driving. In 2008, nearly 800,000 Americans were texting or making telephone calls while driving. In that year alone, 6,000 American lives were lost due to distracted driving, likely caused by cellular phones and their features. Personal injury attorneys around the nation are faced…

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What To Expect From Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

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Most people that find themselves the victim of a Los Angeles personal injury accident know they need to hire an attorney but they may not know what to realistically expect from their attorney once hired. Naturally, each personal injury accident case is unique and therefore the expectations may be slightly different, but according to Los Angeles county personal injury attorney…

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Twitter Updates for 2011-03-21

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Supreme Court Clears the Way for California Lap Seatbelt Litigation

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Late last month, the United States Supreme Court held in Williamson v. Mazda Motor of America, Inc., that federal regulations allowing for lap restraints in minivan-style vehicles did not preempt California state law. This unanimous decision has since allowed for the injured plaintiff in the case to proceed in California state court in its wrongful death action against the automaker….

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