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October 2010

Auto Accident Lawyer
October 1, 2010

Smartphones: Not So Smart Behind the Wheel

With the frequent and exciting releases of newer, faster, and smarter cell phones, American consumers are becoming obsessed with keeping up with the latest electronic “toys.” As we continue to become literally attached to our smartphones, many get caught up in getting their hands on the latest devices and forgetting the importance on keeping their hands on other important things-…
Personal Injury
October 1, 2010

How Does a Plaintiff in a Personal Injury Case Prove Permanent Injury and Why Is it Important?

There are an infinite number of factors that can affect the compensation that a plaintiff receives in a personal injury settlement or jury award. The extent and severity of the physical injuries received by the plaintiff are certainly some of the most important factors that both sides of the lawsuit will focus on during the negotiations or trial. Whether or…