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August 2010

Attorney-LawyerMotorcycle Accident Lawyer
August 10, 2010

California Motorcycle Accident Attorney Explains Wrongful Death Claims as a Result of a Fatal Motorcycle Accident

For the millions of motorcycle riders in California there is no place better to ride than along the Pacific Coast or through Napa Valley wine country. With magnificent scenery and weather that is conducive to riding almost year around, it’s no surprise that California is home to over one million registered motorcycles. For those that enjoy riding though, there is…
Auto Accident Lawyer
August 9, 2010

MultiCar Accidents; Who is Responsible?

As the state with the most number of registered vehicles (14.5 million), California is also responsible for the most number of car accidents every year. Not surprisingly, Los Angeles County has the most number of registered vehicles for any county, even beating out the vast majority of states for number of registered cars. Though the constantly moving, glamorous stereotype of…
Auto Accident Lawyer
August 6, 2010

Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage

For every 100 cars that are on a road, about 25 of the drivers do not have insurance on their cars. In statistical terms, this reveals a hefty 25% of uninsured drivers driving on California highways and streets. Unfortunately with the recent recession compounded with multiple other external factors, some drivers simply do not have the necessary financials do afford…
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
August 4, 2010

Motorcycle Wrongful Death Attorney

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released shocking statistics in regards to motorcycle fatalities in the United States. According to the NHTSA, for every 100 million miles traveled on a motorcycle, collectively, it results in 34 fatalities. However, on the other hand, for the same 100 million miles traveled in a car, there are only about 1.5 fatalities…
Product Liability Lawyer
August 4, 2010

Are You A Victim Of Corporate Propaganda? Despite the lawywer jokes, our laws and the protection of our lawyers is what seperates the United States from more dangerous countries.

This is an excellent video. So many of us are influenced by the huge amounts of money large corporations have spent on a negative portrayal of lawyers. The only difference between the United State & Mexico are our laws. Take a trip down to San Diego, California. The real-estate separated by the U.S. / Mexico boarder fence that has exactly…
Auto Accident Lawyer
August 4, 2010

Cell Phones Don’t Just Make Calls, They Also Cause Accidents – Dangers of Distracted Driving!

Today’s smart phones allow users to text, Twitter, Facebook, and chat simultaneously, while also introducing new features such as FaceTalk available. The possibilities seem endless – and so does the constant usage of the cell phone. It seems that with one hand-held device, you can conduct business and keep up with social networking all at the same time. Unfortunately, cell…

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