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July 2010

Personal Injury
July 28, 2010

What Does Neligence Mean With Respect To The Law?

The term “negligence” often gets misused by the public. What non-attorneys consider to be a malleable description of a person’s actions, attorneys and others with a legal education know relates to a very specific idea in tort law. The definition of negligence is the failure to use reasonable care. The law of California declares that “everyone is responsible . .…
Auto Accident Lawyer
July 25, 2010

Uninsured Motorized Motorists and Prop 213

Many people are taking the risk of driving uninsured these days so now might be a good time to analyze the risk versus reward of driving without insurance. A good place to start is to examine the reasons that people are doing this. The biggest reason is likely cost. Insurance premiums cost money and a lot of people don’t have…
July 23, 2010

What are personal injury "DAMAGES"?

If you are in an auto accident, and not at fault, you are entitled to recovery for the damages caused by the other party’s negligence. There are many common misconceptions of what damages are, and what types of damages one is actually “entitled” to, versus those damages that must be proved and negotiated at length. Damages are defined as “money…
Auto Accident Lawyer
July 22, 2010

Auto Insurance Policies: The Unknown Truth

By: Valerie Bradbury, Attorney, Ledger & Associates In this economy everyone is thinking about the bottom line. It is the same story when purchasing auto insurance. The focus is on cost: how much are my premiums going to be? Of course cost should be considered, but most people aren’t considering the cost in the long term and the real risk…
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
July 22, 2010

Deadly Statistics – The chances of being killed as a result of a motorcycle accident vs. an auto accident

By: Melanie Harris, Case Manager, Ledger & Associates In the United States, motorcycle deaths account for approximately 13% of deaths resulting from a collision. (NHTSA DOT HS 811 149). California is certainly a motorcycle friendly state. And with consistent warm, dry weather, considerations of traffic, and parking, it is no surprise. California is the only state that does not prohibit…