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May 2010

Nursing Home Abuse | Elder Abuse
May 18, 2010

Elder and Nursing Home Abuse

Elder and nursing home abuse occurs all too often in nursing homes. Elderly people are some of society’s most vulnerable people. The elderly are perhaps at the point when they are the most vulnerable point when it is clear that they are in living situations where they can’t defend themselves easily. Abuse in nursing homes takes on many forms, but…
Personal Injury
May 15, 2010

Cruise Ship Accidents and the Law

A passenger who suffers an injury on a cruise ship may have a claim for compensation against the owner of the vessel for negligence. A crew member who suffers an injury that occurs on a cruise ship may have a claim for compensation under the Jones act. The court determines if a ship is considered a vessel. The status of…
Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer
May 15, 2010

California Wrongful Death Lawyer Discusses Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Fatal Drunk Driving Cases

Despite the efforts of state legislators to increase penalties for drinking and driving as well as the numerous public awareness campaigns over the last couple of decades to educate the public about the dangers of drinking and driving, people continue to do so. Not surprisingly, drunk driving accidents continue to top the list of accident causes. Deaths related to drunk…