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April 2010

Product Liability Lawyer
April 23, 2010

Did Violate California Law?

According to, Dave Kramer of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati "A new law in California, California Business & Professions Code Section 17538, places several regulations on businesses advertising and making sales over the Internet or other electronic means of communication." Does think it is above the law? The synopsis goes on to read: "Section 17538(d) states that in any…
Toyota Recall Attorney
April 22, 2010

Toyota Agrees to Pay Record Fine

Toyota Motor Corporation said Monday that it will not contest the record $16.4 million dollars in fines levied by United States safety regulators because the company did not inform the proper authorities as soon as it knew of problems with defective accelerator pedals in a number of its cars. The fines are the result of controversy surrounding the 8.5 million-and…
Product Liability Lawyer
April 22, 2010

Review & Opinion of:

Let me set the stage: You go to an auto dealership and walk the lot. You see beautiful cars that are roped off so you can't get too close. There is a "salesman" who stands by the roped vehicle bragging about how they have the best cars in the industry and touting that the car will surpass your wildest expectations.…
Law Firm Technology
April 21, 2010, By Far, The Worst Web Analytics Software I Have Purchased

Our firm spends a tremendous amount of time engaging online with prospective clients. As one of the leading legal websites related to consumer protection we have an obligation to constantly keep our ear to the ground with respect to changing technologies and client demands. In pursuit of quality analytics we opted to open an account Almost immediately we found…