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March 2010

Auto Accident Lawyer
March 24, 2010

Ventura County Person Injury Lawyer Discusses Simi Valley Fatal Accident and the Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Sadly, two Ventura County residents lost their lives last week in a deadly crash at the intersection of Royal Avenue and Sinaloa Road in Simi Valley. Witnesses to the accident reported that a 17 year old girl was operating a Lincoln Navigator when she ran a red light crashing into a Honda Civic and fatally injuring both occupants of the…
Blog | Wrongful Death Lawyer
March 18, 2010

San Bernardino Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Fatal Car Accidents

If you live in San Bernardino County California then you know what an incredibly beautiful area it is. While not nearly as crowded as some of its neighbouring counties, it still experiences its share of traffic. It also experiences its share of car accidents each year. According to recent statistics by the California Highway Patrol, for the year 2008 there…