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March 2010

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March 26, 2010

Ventura County Car Accident and Wrongful Death Attorney Talks about Fatal Car Accidents

Each year in the United States some 3 million people are injured in car accidents and another 50,000 loose their lives as the result of a car accident. According to Ventura County car accident attorney Emery Ledger of Ledger & Associates, the latest statistics for Ventura County show that in 2008 there were over 3,000 car accidents and 63 people…
Auto Accident Lawyer
March 25, 2010

Chiropractors and Auto Insurance

When it comes to claiming medical bills as a result of a car accident, you need to be careful about how and what you submit. Ask your auto accident attorney about this, because if you submit too many alternative medical health practitioner bills, like invoices from a chiropractor – insurance companies tend to deny and/or devalue them. If your case…