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February 2010

Auto Accident Lawyer
February 28, 2010

Compensation and Damages, What Is My Auto Accident Case Worth?

Non-Economic Damages in a Personal Injury Case Under the laws of most states, including California, a victim can receive compensation for both economic (sometimes referred to as actual) damages as well as non-economic (sometimes referred to as pain and suffering) damages. Economic damages are things that have an actual cash value at the time that the lawsuit is settled. Examples…
Toyota Recall Attorney
February 26, 2010

Toyota Accident Attorney Discusses Recall Hearings & Mother’s Loss

Mother of Runaway Lexus Victims Testifies at Congressional Hearings: Last August 28th, a full two months before the first of the Toyota recalls were announced, 911 operators in California received a frantic 911 call with someone on the other end saying “hold on, hold on and pray, pray”. That call was made by Chris Lastrella while he, his sister, brother-in-law…
Toyota Recall Attorney
February 25, 2010

Toyota Recall Attorney Discusses Toyota’s Responses At Congressional Hearings

Toyota officials fail to give adequate answers at hearings: It appears as though the much awaited congressional hearings into Toyota’s three recent recalls have raised more questions than they have answered. The recalls, which now cover over eight million Toyota manufactured automobiles, have come to be known as the “floor mat recall”, the “sticky pedal recall” and the “unintended acceleration…
February 25, 2010

Where The Wild Things Really Are!

I have just returned from a ski vacation in California. I took my family to Mammoth Mountain for some time away from it all. I was prepared to sit by the fire in our lodge, and to ski in fresh open mountain air. I was wholly unprepared for the plethora of wild animals that were abundant in this area. These…
Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
February 24, 2010

Two Killed in California Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Motorcycle accidents can happen at any time, under any conditions and regardless of the skill or care taken by the operator of the motorcyclist. This is because when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the majority of the time it is with another vehicle and the other vehicle is at fault. Approximately three-fourths of all motorcycle…
Toyota Recall Attorney
February 24, 2010

Toyota Documents Indicate That Toyota May Have Put Profits Before Safety

By: Leading Toyota Recall Lawyer (For a Detailed Case Evaluation Related To Your Toyota Accident Call 800-300-0001) Toyota has certainly come under fire over the last six months for numerous safety related defects that have been found in its vehicles. To date, it has announced recalls covering close to 8 million vehicles. Investigations have been underway across the world to…

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