Hiring Car Accident Attorneys Factors To Consider

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Car, truck, motorcycle or any other automobile accident is a highly traumatizing experience. No one is adequately prepared for facing such unfortunate happenings but when you do have to face such eventualities, there is no way of running away from the reality. You will have to make quick and prudent efforts so that you can recover fast from the physical,…

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How a lawyer can still prove a trucking company’s negligent ways when it admits vicarious liability as a tactic to avoid a jury hearing evidence of direct negligence

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Helpful tips for all truck accident lawyers when dangerous trucking companies admit vicarious liability and then move to dismiss any direct negligence claims I’ve litigated many serious truck accident cases in California, and this latest tactic is truly alarming. Dangerous trucking companies who do not play by the rules or care about safety are admitting vicarious liability as a tactic…

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Riding a motorcycle here in Southern California can be on of the all-time coolest and funnest things to do – rising along the beach on a sunny saturday after noon, sprinting into the mountains or just cruising along the wide open highways. The freedom, the power, the sunshine, the year-round opportunity we enjoy here in SoCal to two-wheel to out…

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Assault Victims Injuries & Legal Rights

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There seems to be more and more instances of physical assaults, injuries, shootings and even deaths in the news these days. A lot of what happens winds up being talked about around the dinner table at home, or around the water cooler at work. In our law offices, we tend to have more and more conversations with clients about physical…

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There are two people that negligent injury victims see, that they never thought they would see when they woke up that day. One is a medical doctor of some sort, who will deal with the physical affects of the accident. The other is a lawyer, who will attend to the legal rights and financial rights that may have stemmed out…

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